Friday, October 19, 2007

Our First Disneyland trip

It's hard to believe we've been back from Disneyland for a whole week now. I think we're all still in recovery.

We drove to California on Monday, and visited Disneyland on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We had fun, but we were beyond ready to drive home on Friday. Here are a few of the things we learned from our trip:

Lessons From Disneyland

If your child is barely under the height requirement for a ride, do not run to Target and purchase taller shoes, thicker socks, 2 packs of insoles, and a pair of scissors to trim the insoles to fit inside the new shoes, because this system simply will not work. It wasn't until Day 3 that we finally learned that some folded paper towels in said child's shoes will remedy the situation and save about $25.

2. If your children are anything like mine, you'll want to request a room on the ground floor at the hotel. Why you ask? Were the poor children afraid of the elevator?

If only.

In fact, they fought constantly over who got to push the buttons, knocking each other down running to get to it first, and freaking out other hotel guests.

The real reason it's imperative to stay on the ground floor is that after a day of Disneyland, the kids are WAAAAY too excited to be quiet. They will jump around using their newly purchased light sabers to whack each other and random objects, mimicking the moves they picked up attending the Jedi academy. In their excitement, they will be completely unable to walk in any fashion. Running will be necessary to convey their joy and excitement. Come on, they're at DISNEYLAND people! That's the child's equivalent to winning the lottery!

We received two calls from the front desk and a personal visit from the man in the room below asking us to be quiet because apparently, as he put it, "the floors are paper thin" and he had little girls down there. This was at 7:00 in the evening, mind you.

I personally believe if your children aren't boisterous after a day at Disneyland, you must not have done it correctly...

3. Tylenol is essential. We're talking large amounts of it. I single-handedly downed at least 11 of them on the trip. This is not one of those situations when "less is more". More is definitely more. Bring along your own jumbo bottle to dispense freely among the adults in your group. Maybe someday Disneyland will issue tickets with little bubble packs of headache pills built right into the tickets themselves. Wouldn't that be an awesome idea?  (Okay, don't steal the idea.  It's mine.  I'm currently applying for the patent.)

4. (Pay attention - this one's important!) Bring your own waterproof mattress pad, or as these are called in our home, a "pee pad" if you have small children. Why? Because oddly enough, hotels near Disneyland do not have waterproof pads on the beds, AND, a kid who is completely potty trained but thoroughly exhausted after a day at Disneyland may be unable to wake up enough to use the bathroom on his own and will consequently lie in a large puddle of his own urine until you find him. Also, he may do this multiple times in one night, so you may want to bring a spare. (We unfortunately only brought one, which meant my husband was up at 2:00 am blow drying a pee pad, only to find it wet again a few hours later...)

5. Plan fun activities for the ride home. What seemed like a quick jaunt in the car to Disneyland will feel like an absolute eternity on the way home. The thrill will be gone. Everyone will be sore from walking, exhausted from the lack of sleep, and crabby from the sugar crash that comes after three days of eating cotton candy, ice cream, and frozen lemonades. You will be driving back to your boring home in your boring car, to your boring Mickey-free lives. The books, movies, and toys that entertained your children on the way there will suddenly pale in comparison to the thrills experienced during the former days at "the Happiest Place on Earth", and when your children whine and complain about how bored they are and how it's taking forever to get home, you, in your weakened state may completely snap, telling them you will never return to Disneyland ever again and you regret making the trip there in the first place.

But hey, we had fun.


Beth said...

Funny, Funny, Funny! I love your writing. However, after hearing your advice I really don't want to plan a trip to Disneyland for our boys for a long time. Do other families call those things "pee pads" or just ours?

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

I am pretty sure it is just our family that calls them pee pads. I think Matthew's mother was grossed out when I called the mattress pad a pee pad. : )