Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An imaginary friend, I was prepared for...

When I was little, like preschool age, I remember having an imaginary friend I named John Keller. John lived in the house up the street (at least in my mind) which I later learned was a preschool. I guess "he" was male because I had plenty of sisters to play with, who needed another girl, right? My sister Beth also had an imaginary friend namedToddy Faego(sp?), who lived in a nearby tree.

I think my friend sounds MUCH more realistic, don't you?

So, I kind of expected my own kids to make up imaginary friends of their own. My oldest, Zachary, never did. I think he always had enough real friends of his own to play with. But my younger son, Noah, he's home alone with me a lot of the time.

After our trip up North for Thanksgiving, Noah suddenly started talking about his "new family". He must have really enjoyed his time up there, because he started talking about living with his cousin, Scott, or moving in with his grandmother. But now, weeks later, his little fantasy has expanded to include an entirely brand new "other family". He's constantly telling me about his "new mom". When I won't let him do something, he tells me that his "New Mom" would.

This New Mom him do all kinds of fun things. She says he can get a dog. She lives in a house with stairs and has daughters he can play with, his "new sisters", not like his real brother who just beats on him all day.

When I complained the other day how bumpy the road was we were driving on, he told me his "new mom" drives a van with wings, and she could just fly over the bumpy road.

Wow. Lucky!

In fact, he talks about his new mom so much lately, I actually find myself getting a little jealous of her. I mean, does he have to like her so much? How does she do it all? She sounds like Superwoman, or something. In fact, if she's so perfect, why doesn't she come deal with him when he's having a meltdown at the grocery store?!

And then I have to remind myself that she's just a figment of his imagination.



The Crazy Cat Lady said...

What a little nut! That is so funny that his imaginary house has stairs.

Michelle said...

What a great story! I could see myself getting a little jealous, if even this "new mom" is only imaginary.

The Sunshine Gang said...

My now 3yr old had several friends this fall that came with us everywhere...I think we were up to 16 at one point. We apparently left Ethan at the mall once, quick thinking, I "saw" him in the parking lot, and opened my door for him to get in. My husband had to stand holding the bathroom door open at a restaurant as they all filed in, wait for them all to use the facilities, then hold the door open for them all to leave again. It was frustrating having to sort out fights and turn taking with these imaginary friends, but I was happy she was creative.