Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still another carpool quote...

Zachary was telling me how yesterday the power went off "again" at his school. I asked him if the power went out often and he told me the power was on more than it was off. (That's good to know, right?) But then he said they read a book instead of using "the thing that shows stuff on the the wall".

Me: You mean the filmstrip projector?
Zachary: What's a "film"?

I explained the concept of a filmstrip, then realized I'm just too old. No kid in this century has been forced to sit through a filmstrip, have they?

Do you remember hoping to be the kid picked to run the filmstrip machine? You got to turn the little knob to advance the frame when you heard the recording chime. Usually only the well-behaved, responsible kids got to do it, because it was easy to mess up, and then the narration didn't match the photo on the filmstrip.

Man, I'm old.

It dawned on me that not only do today's kids not know what a filmstrip is, they also have never watched an actual "film" during an assembly. They've never seen anyone load the film reels into the giant projector, or had an assembly end early because the film broke halfway through.

It finally came out that they use an overhead projector in his class. (Ah! Finally, something that doesn't make me feel ancient!) Zachary wanted to know if those were expensive, "like $60 or $70?" I assured him that, yes, they were expensive. He then announced his teacher must be very rich.

She'd probably get a laugh out of that one, don't you think?


The Crazy Cat Lady said...

When I was reading this I thought, "It was probably a powerpoint they were watching." I was joking with Matthew that our kids won't know what snow is because of global warming. "Mom, what is a snowman?"

Andrea G. said...

Film strip....I totally know what you mean. And I loved watching movies in the gym, but hated when the film would rip and have to wait for the teacher to fix it. Guess I'm right up there in age with ya! Cute blog, by the way.