Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's carpool quote...

Today we were delivering plates of goodies to some people in my neighborhood and Noah and I got in and out of the car several times. As we were driving down the road Noah said,

"Hey, Mom, you forgot to buckle me up. And look! I'm not dying!"

Apparently we've drilled it into his little head so much that seatbelts are to prevent us from getting hurt that he was convinced he'd keel over if he isn't wearing one!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So it's official...

I am now a card carrying "germophobe".

A germophobe, for those not familiar with the episode, "The Apology" of the television series Seinfeld, is defined as 'someone who fears germs'.

I am a proud germophobe because I just installed this in my little boys' bathroom. It's a stainless steel paper towel dispenser from

Why? Because I'm tired of replacing a grungy-looking damp towel throughout the day and wondering just how well my boys washed their grubby little hands anyhow. And that's just icky.

Hmm, wouldn't it have been easier to just put up a normal kitchen paper towel holder?

Well, yes. Yes, I suppose it would have been easier, but it's also very likely that the entire roll of paper towels would get wet and contaminated from use, isn't it?

Did you think about that? No? Well, breathe easily, my friend, because this means you are NOT a germophobe.

Perhaps you're rolling your eyes and thinking couldn't I just teach my children to properly wash and dry their hands?

You would think so, wouldn't you?

The strange part is, I'm normally pretty environmentally conscious. I drive a small fuel efficient car and hope to someday trade it for a hybrid. I attempt to curb my electricity and water usage and I try to recycle my aluminum cans and newspapers even though there is no recycling in my area. For a short time, I even cloth diapered two kids simultaneously in an attempt to lessen my personal impact on the world's landfills!!

And yet, the idea of having a clean, germ-free towel to dry my hands on really appealed to me enough to order an entire case of tri-fold paper towels from

At least they're made of recycled paper.