Friday, February 8, 2008

What a ditzy day!

I'm losing it, I tell you!

I had so many scatterbrained moments yesterday, I'll be lucky to remember them all!

In the morning, I rushed to drop Noah off at preschool and when I didn't see anyone else outside, I assumed we were super late. Wrong! We were 10 minutes early!

Then, I ran to the store and ran into a friend who told me it was her second trip that day because the first time she got up to the register she realized she'd forgotten her wallet. I've done that a few times so I laughed with her. Once I got home, I realized I'd left one of my bags at the self-check register and had to go back myself.

Well, I guess I didn't HAVE to go back...

I mean, there was only cauliflower in the bag. Now if it was chocolate, of course I'd HAVE to go back, right? Oh please, who am I kidding? Like I'd EVER forget a bag of chocolate in a million years!!

But, produce is expensive, and since I'd forgotten to place an order for a basket this weekend from the produce co-op, I figured I'd better go get it the $3 of cauliflower.

Before I went back, I called the friend and told her, for her information, I was heading back to the store myself. She thanked me for calling her and told me it totally made her day to realize she wasn't the only scatterbrain around!

At the store I'd also bought a plastic clamshell container of cookies from the bakery for the kids. Noah asked for a cookie and I had the box in my hand and realized I hadn't washed my hands after returning from the store yet (remember the post about being a germophobe?). Since I'd already ripped off the label holding the box shut, I put the label in my mouth really quickly while I washed my hands. When I took the label out of my mouth I felt some of the skin on my lips being ripped off, and sure enough, it started bleeding! D'oh!

THEN, when Zachary came home from school I was talking with him about how he had one more day until 'Running Club'. His school just started another session of clubs and he was so excited to hear there was a club where he'd be able to run around as fast as he could. We've been talking about it for weeks and I even took him running around the neighborhood last Saturday for practice. He's literally been counting down the days. Zachary told me that some of the kids in his class said that Thursday was Running Club, but I assured him they were wrong, it was definitely on Friday.

So last night I pulled out the paperwork for the club to look over any last minute details and noticed that the Running Club is indeed held on Thursdays! I told Zachary how sorry I was that he'd missed it and he sobbed for a while because he's just been looking forward to it so much. I can't believe I broke my son's heart because I'm too disorganized to keep track of my calendar and paperwork. How pathetic am I?

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The Crazy Cat Lady said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only crazy one. I remember that one time I scheduled to do 3 different things with people on the same night. Once I figured things out, I had to call up the other two and cancel. DING BAT! Hope Zachary does a good job in the running club this Thursday.