Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A million miles a minute...

Here's a sampling from today's carpool commute. Zachary brought up the fact that they were having hamburgers and tater tots for hot lunch today, and then the boys started talking about the tater tots, including how good they were, and how they are served in a little bag.

There's a moment's pause, and Zachary blurts out:

"Birds have weird feet."

Another second goes by, and Wesley starts with:

"I had this dream last night about a giant squid..."

He continues with an elaborately detailed story about the squid fighting a police officer, and though I can't quite remember who won the battle, it was highly entertaining.

Come to think of it, the majority of Wesley's stories begin with, "I had this dream last night about..." and they usually involve some type of super hero, monster, sea creature, or the ability to fly.

He's a very imaginative child, and I suspect someday will make a very good children's author. I told him this today, and he told me his mother often tells him the same thing.

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ammonandshanae said...

Wesley sound quite a bit like Chase. Children's Author is a good career-right?