Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, while Zachary was at school, Noah and I went to the zoo with some friends of ours.

Noah inside a tree stump.

Noah sliding face first down the slide. This kid has no fear and spent several minutes afterwards spitting out dirt and rubbing his eyes, and yet he kept on doing it.

Here Noah is checking out the ducks. He fed them the bun from his $5 hot dog and I ended up fishing him out of the lake a few minutes after this photo was taken.

Noah clutching the mother of all bags of cotton candy. He begged and begged for it, and since I'm a big fan of cotton candy myself...

Noah brushing the goats. It makes me wonder - do the goats really need or even enjoy being brushed? All the other animals are behind fences for their own protection and the safety of humans, but somebody out there says it's okay to put a bunch of little defenseless goats in a corral and let them be chased and tormented by a pack of children wielding wooden brushes. It hardly seems fair, does it?

Noah picking flowers that he probably shouldn't be picking. He does this a lot whenever we're out. It's very sweet, because he's picking them for me.


Katie J. Layton said...

It looks like Noah had a ton of fun at the zoo. I had no idea you had a blog until the shower. I love hearing your stories and now I will be able to read them all the time. You are so fun. My blogspot is:

Pretty creative, hu?

Vickie said...

The cotton candy one is my favorite. It's as big as him!