Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He wants an egg...

Noah just came in from playing outside and asked for an egg. While most mothers would probably just say no, and end it with that, I asked him what he needs an egg for, exactly.

"Um, I don't know..."

I asked him again what he wants to do with it. Whatever the reason is, it's probably good.

"Um...well...I want to put it out there for a bird to fly by and pick up."

I explained that a bird wouldn't come in our back yard and pick it up, and the eggs in our fridge actually came from a chicken.

"Yeah? So?"

So, a chicken isn't going to come in our back yard and reclaim an egg that it didn't lay in the first place.

I thought he was starting to understand, until he suggested,

"What about if we put it in the front yard?"


"How about if we put it in the nest in the tree?"

Nope. I then went on to explain the nest didn't belong to a chicken, it's too high for us to reach, the bird wouldn't want it anyway... etc., etc., etc.

Finally, he got it.

"Oh, okay. So... can you cook me some eggs?"

THAT, I am willing to do.


Matthew Taylor said...

LOL! Good story. I like how he thought everything would change by switching to the front yard.

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

I was thinking he wanted to throw the egg at something, but instead he was being a sweet little boy and wanted to give it to a bird. :) How funny.

Taylor Tree said...

lol. noah cracks me up. your sucha good mother for cooking the egg.

Katie J. Layton said...

Your boys crack me up. Can I come over for some of those cooked eggs. I like my scrambled.

The Shane Gang said...

Too funny! Is is bad that I had all sorts of ideas of what he was going to do with the egg?