Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you ready?

Tonight is the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance! Nate and I really like this show. It's similar to American Idol, but I like SYTYCD more. I love watching all the different styles of dance and seeing how talented some of the contestants are. It makes me curse my two left feet!

The last day of school...

I can't believe it, but today is already the last day of school for Zachary. Second Grade, here he comes! This is the card I made for his teacher, Miss Riding. She actually looks a lot like this, tall, blond, and super cute! She's been a wonderful teacher for Zachary and we will miss her!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Opening up a can of worms!

Today we spent some time in the garden pulling weeds. (We still have a lot to go, but that's another day...)

Afterwards, we thought it might be fun to add some worms to our garden. Ewww...

We picked up a $3.86 styrofoam container of fresh, juicy worms in the fishing department of Walmart. The responsibility for the cup o' worms was divided accordingly - Noah was the official cup carrier for the car ride home, and Zachary was in charge of removing the lid when we got to the garden. Both kids were super excited and slightly horrified at the prospect of releasing the worms.

At first, they were too squeamish and had Nate place them in the cup or on the lid so they could drop them without touching them:

They watched them for a while...

Then got brave enough to touch them.

Eventually, the "inner boy" inside each of them came out, and soon, they were picking them up, naming them, and moving them around the garden.

We definitely got our money's worth on that little investment. They played with those poor worms for quite some time. In fact, later, when I was in another part of the yard pulling weeds, I could overhear Nate telling them in a frustrated voice,
"Put those worms DOWN!!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey you! Could you help a girl out?

I just found out my friend Mary Hoffman (Delap) is in a singing competition called The Next Big Star for a radio station. The winner of the competition has the opportunity to open for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and LeAnn Rimes on May 31st. It's a huge, GOLDEN opportunity for her!

Anyone, anywhere can vote by going to this website. Apparently, you can vote more than once as well. Here's the link:

I'd heard she was good, but I didn't know really know HOW good. You can listen here:

Here's a little more about her and the work she's done:

Mary is a total sweetheart and is super talented! Could you please take the time to vote for her? Pretty please?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's a German Baby, Baby!

German Baby
Submitted by Shirley Smith

3 eggs
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup butter (I use 3 tablespoons, 1/4 cup is just too much)

Preheat oven to 425. Place butter in a 10 inch cast iron skillet and heat the skillet in the oven.
Beat eggs using an electric mixer on high. Gradually mix in flour and milk.

Pour batter into hot skillet and return to the over for 20 minutes.

The original recipe states it serves 2, but we find it's perfect for our family of 4.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

125,000 miles!!

My beloved car, Holly Honda, hit a big milestone the other night on the way home from the Diamondbacks game - 125,000 miles! Pretty impressive, isn't it? I pulled over and took a picture of the dashboard, but since it was night time, it didn't turn out too well:

Here's the low down on Miss Holly. She's a silver 2002 Honda Accord that we purchased in November of 2001, when Zachary was just 6 months old. In the same month, we bought our first house, and I remember being nervous about having a new baby, a new car, AND a new mortgage!

She got her name just because I liked the name Holly. We've previously owned Jane Jetta, Sammy Saturn, Pamela, the Grand Am-ela Pontiac...see the pattern?

Nate drove Holly for a couple of years and put the majority of miles on her while he worked in Phoenix. She's been in one accident, a hit and run - not his fault, of course, which she recovered quickly from:

I started driving Holly a few years back when Nate decided he needed (oh puh-lease!) a 'sportier' car. He bought a black VW Jetta, manual transmission, which now that I think about it, I can't even remember that car's name, that's how much I didn't like that car. In all the time we've owned Holly, aside from replacing the motor mounts and the accident, we can't think of any major work or problems she's had. (But don't get me started on that VW!!) Nate was so impressed by her track record, he sold his VW and bought another Honda Accord, also in silver. Hey, it's a good color!

Holly is by no means a fancy car. We kept her very basic, no power locks or windows, no cruise control. If I could go back and change that now, I probably would. (Heck, if I could install a privacy screen that rolls up and down between the front seat and back, you know, like they have in limos? I'd do that too. Wouldn't that be awesome?!)

Because she's seen her share of the road, I don't freak out too much if my kids want to stop for an ice cream cone, or if a soda gets spilled, because I have a Bissell for that. She takes a lickin' and keeps on ticking! We've dug multiple stinky sippy cups out from under her seats, and there was that incident when Nate left a dirty diaper in the trunk, during the summer, until I discovered it several days later. The scent of that mistake lingered for a while...

And the stuff you can fit in a Honda is truly amazing! For several years in a row, I hauled home the annual Christmas tree, stuffed not so gently into the trunk and through the folded down back seat. There was a trip to Home Depot that involved 6 ceiling fans and a chandelier, all in large boxes. The cashier who said there was no way all that would fit in my car - well, he was wrong! I bought a long banquet table from Costco and was worried Miss Holly had met her match, but with some hard work, it fit! I've made several trips to IKEA and purchased large bookcases, dressers, and headboards, and have even brought home a twin bed.

Every now and again, we talk about getting a bigger car for the carpool, and sadly, we even almost traded Holly in once. (It was so close, we even surrendered her keys and removed her license plate!) Fortunately, she doesn't hold it against us.

So a big thank you to you, Holly Honda, for your years of good service and reliability! And here's to another 125,000 miles!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zachary!!

Zachary is 7 years old today!

We have a tradition of giving the kids a kiss on their birthday at the exact time they were born. It's a little easier with Noah, since he was born at 7:55 am, but Zachary, who's always been an early bird, was born at 5:23 am.

Here's a little slide show showing how Zachary's changed over the years. Push the play button, or you can move through the photos at your own rate by pushing the forward button:

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

To celebrate his birthday (and to get out of holding a big obnoxious birthday party for all his friends from school) we went to the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Friday night. They have a totally cool family special right now called Family Fridays. It's $15 a person and includes a ticket to the game, a medium drink, a Diamondback dog, a free pass to the Phoenix Zoo, and a fireworks show after the game.

Here's a clip of the last few seconds of the fireworks:


Happy Birthday, Zachary! We are so blessed to have you as a part of our family. You've taught us so much, and we are proud of who you are and the person you are becoming each day.
We love you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's 5:50 am, do you know where your teeth are?

Yesterday morning, Zachary woke us up by blurting out:

"I've lost my tooth!"

It's been loose for a few days now, and we could see his new tooth already coming in, so we weren't that surprised, until we realized he'd really lost it. It was gone.

To curb the invincible drama that would soon befall us all once Zachary realized he'd have no tooth to leave the Tooth Fairy, on this, his very first opportunity to do so, Nate told him about the 'special magnet' the Tooth Fairy owns that has the capability to recover the truly lost teeth out in the world. Fortunately, this strategy sufficed.

Actually, we expected this day to come much sooner. Zachary will be 7 years old on Sunday, and got this tooth on November 11, 2001, when he was just 6 months old, so this little tooth has had quite a run.

This is the little tin the Tooth Fairy brought Zachary to put his teeth in from now on. She's quite a crafty little fairy, isn't she?

She also left some money and a note congratulating him on losing his first tooth and taking such good care of his teeth.

He was so excited, he asked me if I thought he might have Show and Tell in his class any time soon, so he could show it off.

Noah learned how to ride a bike (with training wheels)...

I lowered the seat of Zachary's bike and Noah climbed on board. I guess it's about time he got his own bike. The singing while riding is particularly funny. Sorry about the grainy footage, this video was taken with my cell phone and it was pretty windy too! Make sure you see the ending, that's what makes it even funnier: