Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zachary!!

Zachary is 7 years old today!

We have a tradition of giving the kids a kiss on their birthday at the exact time they were born. It's a little easier with Noah, since he was born at 7:55 am, but Zachary, who's always been an early bird, was born at 5:23 am.

Here's a little slide show showing how Zachary's changed over the years. Push the play button, or you can move through the photos at your own rate by pushing the forward button:

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To celebrate his birthday (and to get out of holding a big obnoxious birthday party for all his friends from school) we went to the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Friday night. They have a totally cool family special right now called Family Fridays. It's $15 a person and includes a ticket to the game, a medium drink, a Diamondback dog, a free pass to the Phoenix Zoo, and a fireworks show after the game.

Here's a clip of the last few seconds of the fireworks:


Happy Birthday, Zachary! We are so blessed to have you as a part of our family. You've taught us so much, and we are proud of who you are and the person you are becoming each day.
We love you!


The Crazy Cat Lady said...

Happy Birthday Zach! For some reason I was thinking his birthday was on May 11th. I hope that you had a great 7th birthday. Love,
Aunt Nanch

Nate said...

Great job sweetie! Happy Birthday little man!

JenniSue said...

Happy birthday Zachary! Aunt Jenny isn't celebrating any birthdays this year so she's sorry she didn't call and say happy birthday! Looks like you had some fun though! Loved the slide show you made Natalie. I can't believe how much he's grown up!

Katie J. Layton said...

Happy Birthday! He is a cutie. I can't believe he will be baptised in ONE year! Time flies by so fast. I loved the slide show.