Thursday, June 5, 2008

12 years, and counting...

It's almost 2 weeks late, but here's a post I started on our anniversary, May 25th. I've been holding off posting it until I could get the photos scanned and attached, which actually involved buying and setting up a new scanner.

Today is our 12th anniversary!

It was 12 years ago today that Nate and I got married in the Manti Temple.

May 25, 1996

We had a pretty non-traditional LDS wedding. After seeing my sister get married a few months earlier and all the work that went into it, I really didn't want all the fuss. (I keep telling people I'm 'low maintenance'!) I wore a simple dress to the temple and Nate wore khakis and a white shirt and tie. (Here's a little trivia about Nate - he has never owned a suit in the entire time we've been married. The one time he had to wear one, he borrowed it.)

We spent the night before we got married with Nate's grandparents in Richfield and had to get up super early to get to the temple on time. Nate's grandmother was shocked that I left the house with my hair still wet, but back then, that's pretty much what I did every day. I think I even put my make up on in the car. While driving to the temple, we had to stop and wait for a large herd of sheep to cross the road, which seemed pretty silly at the time, but it was memorable.

We changed into more formal clothing inside the temple, and changed back into what we were wearing after the wedding ceremony for a small family reception and luncheon at a church. We didn't even hire a photographer, so all the photos we have were taken by family members and friends.

One of the funniest parts of the day came right after I'd gotten married. I went back to the changing room to change back into my outside dress and a woman who worked at the temple looked at me funny and said, "Oh, I guess you could wear that dress THAT way too.'' Apparently, I'd worn the dress BACKWARDS when I got married! How no one noticed this before, I'll never know.

This photo was taken at a little reception we had a week later at Nate's family's house in Mesquite, Nevada.

This is a picture we had taken by Nate's sister's friend before we got married. We hired her to follow us around the golf course where we worked for a few hours snapping pictures for our wedding invitations. We were so proud of our matching shirts and at the end of the session I commented how pretty the pictures we going to be with the red rocks, the green grass, and the blue sky. She looked totally confused and said, "Oh...I thought you guys wanted me to use black and white film."


Apparently she thought a backdrop of the power lines in Mesquite was quite captivating.

Needless to say, we didn't use her photos for our invitation. In fact, we never heard from her again.

This is 1997, when we bought our beloved "Sammy Saturn". I don't know if they still do, but back then, the dealership had a tradition of taking a picture of you in front of your new car and printing up calendar for you with the picture.

This was taken on a trip to San Diego, in July of 1997, I'm guessing. (I don't really know because I've blocked that time out from my memory due to an unfortunate haircut.)

I had some hairdresser someone recommended who seemed to think I'd look good with a pixie cut, but didn't get the okay from me first before lopping it all off. When I arrived home shaking, sobbing, and swearing up a storm, a bewildered Nate held me trying to figure out what was going on through my blubbering, then asked if I'd crashed the new car.

When I was a little girl in the 70's, I had many a pixie cut. My mother wasn't much of a 'hair person', even though she had four daughters. Instead, she'd send us next door to get our hair cut from the mother of five boys. Despite trying to be a girly girl, I never had pretty braids or cascading curls, so it was pretty traumatic and I remember sitting in the hall closet and crying after my hair cuts back then.

In fact, I was just showing my boys pictures of me when I was their age and Noah said, "Hey, you don't look like a girl, you look like a BOY!"


But back to my story. It was a good thing I had some time off work, because I cried for 3 days straight before returning to work sporting a baseball cap. I can see this picture was taken several months after the butchering because my hair would finally lay down instead of sticking up from my head, and it was finally longer than Nate's - barely.

November 1999
Nate is wearing a BYU sweatshirt and I'm wearing one from the U of U. I gave him a hard time about it, because I at least attended the school whose shirt I'm wearing!

November 2002

Since it's been 12 years, here are 12 things I love about Nate:

1. Nate is a positive thinker. He looks for the good in pretty much every situation, and is a great balance to my normally negative thinking.

2. Nate is awesome with kids. Seriously. It's one of the reasons I married him. As the oldest of 10 children, the man knows his way around a diaper. And, all kids love him, from babies to teenagers. People always think we have more kids than we do, and we finally figured out it's because wherever we go, other people's kids come over and sit on Nate's lap or hang out with him.

3. Nate helps me with my church calling, even though he isn't obligated to. Nate isn't an official Primary teacher right now, but he comes in each to week to help me teach my lesson and control the pandemonium that is my Primary class.

4. Nate likes to have fun. He thinks up fun games to get the kids motivated when there's something they don't want to do, like brush their teeth or clean up their rooms. He's always got a trick up his sleeve for helping the kids stay busy and happy.

5. Nate thinks I'm pretty, even when I'm not. (Did you ever see me pregnant? If you did, I rest my case.)

6. Nate is an awesome teacher. He's been asked to sub various classes at church at the last minute, including Gospel Doctrine, and he manages to pull it off effortlessly.

7. Nate is a good provider for our family. He works hard and is good at what he does. He's always coming up with new ideas to make his website better.

8. Nate is a people person. He gets along with pretty much everyone. He'll talk to someone he just met, and the next thing you know, they've set up a tee time and are best buds, even if he can't remember their name!

9. Nate is a great listener. Not in the traditional sense, but if I complain that he's not listening to me while he's watching sports with his eyes glazed over, he can usually repeat back verbatim what I just said. It's uncanny, and sometimes a little annoying!

10. Nate isn't picky. I think this also stems from his big family. He doesn't care whether dinner is a fancy new recipe I'm trying out or Kraft macaroni and cheese with peas - he's just grateful there's something to eat. (Besides, he has a huge stash of candy bars and chips hidden that he can snack on later!)

11. It sounds silly, but Nate does a great job taking care of our cars, which I love and greatly appreciate. I've never had to worry about taking Holly Honda in for an oil change or to have the tires rotated because Nate always takes care of it for me. Believe me, I'm quite relieved not to have to drag two kids into Jiffy Lube to sit for an hour while they climb the walls.

and finally...

12. Nate rocks my world! Over the past few years, I've learned a lot from Nate. He's taught me that I sometimes take things too seriously or care too much what other people think. He's taught me to occasionally let go of my inner cheapskate and splurge a little when it really counts. He's taught me to forgive, and to be forgiven. And best of all, he's taught me to have fun and enjoy the ride.

I love you, Nate! Happy Anniversary!


Nate said...

Thanks for putting up with me and all my shortcomings for the last 12 years.I don't want to make this too sappy, but I will say you are more beautiful today than the day I married you and I love you more than cheese!

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

What a cute post. Man, you two looked totally young when you got married. Way to go on 12 years! That is some good licorice! :)

Tilleea said...

I so admire the simpleness of your wedding. I seriously wish Am and I would have done the same.


dawna said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband. May you enjoy twelve more lovely years, and then 24 more after that, and then ...... well, you get the idea! Happy belated anniversary!

Liz and Todd said...

I love the Manti Temple. I thought my wedding was low key, but you beat me on that on. Congrats on 12 years!

Beth said...

Super cute post! I love it. I think I took some of those temple pictures, not too bad I must say. I agree with the statement that Nate is amazing with kids. He is the only person I know that could get my child to smile for professional pictures. Blake still talks about how fun Uncle Nate was that day. I also agree that Nate has a positive attitude. Congratulations on 12 years! Thanks for reminding us to see the best in our spouse.

Taylor Tree said...

wow. 12 years. i love you're story.

Jera Farnsworth said...

cute post! that is pretty impressive that you beat out cheese!!! and you really do take low-matainance to a whole new level!!heehee

Watts Family said...

That was such a fun story to read. Congrats.

Kayla said...

Loved this post! what a flashback:) congrats on 12 yrs.