Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Well, we're trying.

This morning I had to drive the carpool, so I asked one of the kiddos to put Thelma in her crate before we left. I'm not sure what happened, but when Noah and I arrived home an hour later, we were greeted at the door by a familiar panting and an overwhelming smell. Thelma is either an amazing escape artist, or she never got put in the crate in the first place. The fact that the Milkbones I tossed in there were still intact is a pretty solid clue though...

Not only had she used my living room as her toilet once again, (despite us putting her outside before we left), she'd managed to pull several bags of candy and chocolate chips off the kitchen counter, and had chewed through a few of them, spreading the contents all over the house. (No, it doesn't look like she actually ate any chocolate, she only sampled a few Skittles from what I can tell.)

She'd also chewed through a loaf of bread and a tube of lip gloss, dumped all the books and papers out of my church bag, and somehow knocked down the beloved Wii from a shelf that's about 5 feet above our television. (No word on whether that's still functioning yet...)

And here I really thought we were past that curious toddler wrecking the house stage.

She sure looks cute while she's sleeping though, doesn't she?


Vickie said...

Looks like she was busy :). My sister in law has a dog that got out of her crate and pulled down the curtains in the master bedroom and shredded them. Coincidentally, she's also part lab, hehe.
Here is the info for the training class I told you about:
Starts Sept 15 at Lakeview pool common area (behind Walgreens)
$125 for 6weeks. Proof of vaccinations required.
There is an article about it here
Good luck :)

JenniSue said...

Ouch! I can honestly say that we never had that problem with Jasmine. I think she might have had one or two accidents, but she doesnt' like to smell even when she was a puppy she like to go away from her crate (that we kept outside at that point). Even when we put her in her dog run outside, she would try to wait until we got home to use the bathroom outside of the run. It was pretty funny.

As for the eating of your snacks instead of hers...we do have that problem. We are still having to remind ourselves not to put food where she can get it. Try to let Thelma know that she can't go into the kitchen. Jasmine does sometimes, but she knows she's in trouble when she does (comes out with her head down and hurrys and lays down on her chair so we don't think she's done something she wasn't supposed to).

As for the Wii, poor thing, my guess would be that leathal tail hit whatever the Wii was on and rocked it a bit and down came the Wii and scared poor Thelma away. Jamine has knocked more stuff over with that tail then I care to think about.

Sorry you had a bad morning...

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

Remember how I kept telling you that cats are so much easier? : )
I'm glad that you haven't given up on her and kicked her out of the house. Be patient with her. She sure does look cute all snuggled up and asleep.

Beth said...

Ah the reality of a dog! Tommy once jumped up on the table and ate 1/3 of the pyrex dish of Grandma Lemos' famous green jello salad. It wasn't too funny then since I had to throw it all away, but we laugh about it now. I am sure you will do the same with Thelma.
Dogs are like kids, theylook so sweet when they are asleep. You just have to forgive them for all their mistakes.
It looks like Thelma is adding real fun and interest to your lives and your blog! So what does Nate think of his puppy? Is he as excited as the kids?

Liz said...

I bet that made you happy to walk into that :) The boys are probably in live with her. Congrats

CntryMomma said...

*snickers* Naughty dog! LOL (I laugh 'cause it's not my dog being naughty! LOL)