Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, come on!

I was gone long enough to drop the kids off at school, and came home to this. You can see the lovely "No Soliciting" posted on the door, right? I mean, it's plain enough to see in this photo, so I'm sure it's perfectly visible when you're standing right in front of it.

Perhaps I need to change it to be a little more threatening?

I was talking to Zachary one day about what No Soliciting means and how we don't want anyone trying to sell us anything.

"Except stamps - right?" was his response.

"Well, not exactly," I told him. "I sell stamps. I don't need to buy any more from anyone."

"But what if they were selling the best ink pad in the whole world? Would you buy that?" he asked.

And I had to admit, "Uh, yes, I guess I probably would."

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The Crazy Cat Lady said...

Oh man, I would be throwing a hissy fit. I think I would contact the companies and send them the picture.

But, then again maybe the people passing out this junk don't really know what "soliciting" means.

Like when Matthew asked a girl if she was a solicitor and she said, "No sir, I am a saleswoman."