Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where the heck have we been?

Well, I'll tell you!

On Sunday, July 27th, we took a little vacation to San Diego. We got there Sunday night, and went to Legoland on Monday.

On Tuesday, I flew to Salt Lake City, BY MYSELF to attend the Stampin' Up! Convention, and Nate stayed in California for the rest of the week with the kids and hung out with his family at a timeshare they own there. Together, they went to the beach, attended a Diamondbacks game at Petco Ballpark, played at Boomer's where they rode bumper cars and batted in the cages, and Nate's grandfather even showed the boys how to fish.

Kind of crazy, huh?

Here are some photos from our trip:

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Taylor Tree said...

the real question is how was the convention? also, this really doesn't count b/c nate was on vac with his fam (helping hands) while you were gone. to make it fair you get to leave while he is at home by himself.
i wonder if i'll ever get to do that...

Brittany said...

Hey Nat, tell me who that author is that you like alot????? I cant remember? thnks

Brittany said...

opps I guess my daughter had her blog on too. Sooo this is Kayla if you didnt already figure that out:)

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Hi Natalie. I work with Rob and Brian, we've met a few time. Hope you don't mind if I spy on your blog occationally.

Lance said...

I feel guilty if I don't leave a message on my blog at least 3 times per week! But once per month would kill me.

Guess I'm what you'd call an addict.

Good times! You shoulda called while you were up here. Perhaps we could have had lunch with Tony and Paul and John Jacobs!!!