Thursday, September 11, 2008

ARGH!! You gotta be kidding me!

I'm sure hearing about this is getting old to you too, but I'm starting to feel like I'm in one of those dumb Beethoven movies or something. This destructive dog is controlling my life.

And making me realize what a bad housekeeper I am.

There's this oh so familiar jingling sound that keeps greeting me at the door and filling me with dread.

I left for an hour this morning. That's it. And I wasn't going to bother padlocking the crate because I was thinking that most of the time the problem was the kids leaving one of the locks open. But then I thought about it a little, and padlocked the crate anyhow just to be safe. There's a second door on the side that wasn't padlocked and was up against the wall.

This is what I cam home to again!. If you look carefully, you'll see the padlocked door is the side on the floor. Thelma turned the crate over on it's side and escaped out the side that wasn't padlocked, the side that WAS up against the wall - the wall that is now dinged up from the crate.

You'll also see the milk she spilled from a cup I left on the table earlier, because I'm a slob.

And you'll see in the background the guts of a stuffed toy she's already demolished.

And in the upper right corner, you can see Thelma, outside, which is quickly becoming her new home.

I'm thinking in a previous life, she must have escaped from Alcatraz.


JenniSue said...

Natalie, you make my days so bright! I was having a horrible day, wanting to go home and just have a good cry and a nap and I find this on your blog. How can I not smile when I read your story? I can so not wait to meet Thelma. You must buy a bigger car and bring her out to Mesquite for the big Wursten Thanksgiving this year. I'm sorry she's making life not so fun for you. Everyone kept telling me that magically at age 2 the labs calm down. I can say Jasmine did a bit, but even she's still got some puppy in her. Maybe if you feed her lots, don't take her on walks, and have her gain 20 lbs in a year she'll be as lazy as Jasmine, and just sleep all day long!!

Marcus and McKenzie said...

Man! That dog is destructive! I love reading your blogs. They are so funny.

Maureen said...

Geez - I cannot imagine why her original owners gave her up. You should get your money back for this crazy me over on SCS if you don't have the book Marley & Me, i have a copy I will mail to you. I swear you have adopted Marley the 2nd. Good luck - Mo

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Wow! I feel so sorry for you everytime I hear about another episode. But I have to admit I just smile and shake my head. Thanks for sharing all your adventures so I can enjoy an animal vicariously through your family :)

Taylor Tree said...

lol. it may not be funny to you but it's funny to me...
what would you blog about if you never had themla?

ammonandshanae said...

So, I got off the phone with my friend this morning and was laughing at her because she adopted a puppy and paid for shots, food, kennel, all that good stuff...anyways, after about 3 days she took the puppy to wal-mart and gave her away to a cute, unsuspecting little family. Maybe you need to take a trip to wal-mart too...:) Hang in there Thelma is a beautiful and obviously VERY intelligent dog.

Lance said...

"Dem dogs is of the De-bil, Bobby! Da De-bil!" I jest....sort of. OK, not really. You're killing me with laughter, however.