Friday, September 19, 2008

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...

I took the kids and the dog for a run around the neighborhood tonight, and even though it was pretty dark already, Zachary spotted this toad, or frog...I can't really remember the difference right now. Thelma attacked it, but Zachary managed to wrestle it away from her and brought it home. He's quite proud of his catch and named it Toady.

Despite telling him to keep it outside, I just caught him playing with it in the bathroom sink.

Earlier this month, Thelma managed to catch a lizard in the backyard and the boys were carting that around the house, even waking Nate from a Sunday afternoon nap by sticking it in his face.

Having boys is sure fun - I just wish they'd keep the reptiles and amphibians out of my kitchen.


JenniSue said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck! Worms, lizards and now frogs? I'm afraid I'm not fond of any of those things, not at all. How do you live with three boys and no girls Natalie? How do you do it? I guess you have Thelma now, but she doesn't sound like a girly girl.

Natalie said...

No, she's really not.

Fortunately, the toad hopped away. Zachary was just so proud of it too! And I guess we've been talking a lot about Nate being the 'pack leader' of the dog, because Zachary told me he was excited to be the pack leader of the toad now!

And then Noah threw a fit and insisted we get another pet so he could be the pack leader of something too!