Monday, September 15, 2008

Hooray! It's Monday!

Since when does anyone actually enjoy Mondays?

Well, today I do. This is my week to drive the carpool, and since it's Monday morning, all the kids were so groggy and tired, I barely heard a peep out of any of them. We were almost to school before anything above an unintelligible murmur could be heard from the backseat.

And I like it that way.

Don't get me wrong. Some mornings it's fun to hear the kids' stories about their weekend, or the crazy dreams they had the night before, or what they plan on being for Halloween.

But some mornings, it's all just too much to listen to at that early of an hour.

There's a water treatment facility we pass on the way to school, and some days, it gives off an odor that wafts through the car, which almost always starts many an unpleasant conversation about bodily functions. One boy will undoubtedly accuse another of passing gas. Then another will point out the smell must be another boy's breath, implying someone forgot to brush his teeth that morning. Thus, the blame game ensues and will continue, complete with denials and punches being thrown for the next 10 to 15 minutes until we reach school.

One morning, after the disagreeable smell filled the car once again, Justin, who was sitting in the front seat next to me, looked over and casually asked if I'd showered that morning. I started to answer before realizing I don't need to defend my bathing habits to a first grader.


So silence is golden. And fleeting. By the time I pick those kids up this afternoon, they'll be back to their usual bubbly, loud selves.

And to avoid another inquisition about my personal hygiene, I'd better hit the showers.


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Justin said what? who's kid is that anyway!! sheesh!!