Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know...

In response to the inquiries about Miss Thelma....

Yes, she's still around. I think we feel a real sense of obligation since we adopted the poor girl from a rescue shelter, you know?

That, and we've dumped so much money into this dog in the past few weeks, Nate now refers to her as our 'Platinum' Lab instead of plain old Golden.

Yes, we knew she'd be a lot of work. That was a given.

But, being new pet owners, we somehow didn't realize how much this whole process would cost. Sure, there was the $200 adoption fee right off the bat, the large crate, the doggie bed, the food and water bowls, the collars, leash, toys, treats, and a couple of 40 lb. bags of dog food. The FURminator, which is a glorified, overpriced, yet somehow, completely necessary in every dog owner's opinion, doggie brush that helps prevent shedding. Oh, and the industrial size bottle of Bissell cleaning solution and multipack of Spot Shot. Can't forget those!

And, as part of the whole adoption process, we agreed to take Thelma to a vet within the first few weeks for a little 'check up'. That seemed easy enough - she already had a long list of recorded vaccines neatly filed in a folder with her name on it. I called a vet and scheduled an appointment, asking them approximately how much this little check up would cost me. $34.99 is the normal visit cost, I was told.

Cool. Definitely doable.

Only that's not really how it works. Because Thelma was missing a couple of vaccinations, those had to be taken care of. And then there's the whole matter of monthly heart worm pills. And dental cleanings - she's got a little tartar, so she'll need those soon. Oh, and booster shots. Thelma needs boosters for the vaccinations she received and I still have to take her back in 3 weeks for those.

So, I left the vet having paid over 10 times the amount I was expecting to pay, but we're now the proud recipients of a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan with Basic Plus Care and my records and receipt show I somehow saved $196.95.



Whatever. All we know is, this girl is high maintenance.

And we've come up with a little solution for keeping her in her crate:

It works well.

Plus, it keeps the kids from letting her out when we don't want them to. If she figures out to escape now, we may have to enter her in some type of talented pet contest.

But I'm guessing that the dogs in those things are 100 percent housebroken...

Since we're still on the subject of dogs, I had to share this, because I find it amusing, and a little disturbing as well:

This is one of those ValPak coupons that come in a packet in the mail. Basically, Doo Care is a company that will come scoop the doggie doo out of your yard. Their website boasts they are "Your Number One Choice in Dog Waste Removal!"

(I wasn't even aware I had a choice in this matter, let alone more than one choice, were you?)

But the scary part is in the lower right corner where it states that the "First cleaning" is free, and "LIMIT 1 HOUR".

They had to set a limit of an hour because obviously at some time they had a truly awful experience scooping dog waste out of someone's yard for MORE than an hour, right?

And I can't help but think, if you've got so much dog poop in your backyard that a professional company is spending more than an hour cleaning it up, maybe you've got bigger problems than poop.

I'm guessing you either have WAY too many dogs running around your stinking yard, or that giant breed that someone sold you as a Great Dane isn't a Great Dane at all. It's really a horse. Or an elephant.

And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say your next door neighbors probably aren't really big fans of yours.


Beth said...

Thanks for the update. I love the picture with the lock. Tommy just got his teeth cleaned and it cost over $200. The vet told me dogs older than three years need them cleaned once a year, and many need it twice a year. Yikes, twice a year! That's like having to budget $35 dollars a month. David reminds me that our hamster was much cheaper.
We love your humorous blog! love, Beth

Marcus & McKenzie said...

Good to know she is still around!

Vickie said...

My vet reccomended brushing my dog's teeth. He even gave me an instruction sheet on how to do it. We had a few dogs growing up, and none of them ever had their teeth brushed or teeth cleaning appointments. Somehow they all lived to pretty good ages anyway :).
I haven't caved in and bought a furminator yet, but maybe I'd be able to wear dark colors without worrying about fur so much if I did...