Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow! Again?!

We took another evening walk tonight and Zachary found this:

It's HUGE!! I can't believe these things even live in our neighborhood. The only water around is the fake lake on a nearby golf course, and our house isn't anywhere near it.

And, I'm surprised by how quickly Zachary just scooped this thing up and carried it a block back to our house. Normally, he's pretty squeamish about stuff.

But I guess boys will be boys, right?

It was super dark out, so I'm shocked he could even see this thing, or tell what it was. When he came walking back to me clutching it, I was a little freaked out and asked him if it was real, thinking maybe it was a plastic toy or someone's Halloween decoration.

"Oh, it's real, you're not dreaming," he told me with a huge grin on his face.


This frog actually makes that last one look cute!

He proudly named this guy 'Jumbo'.

But don't worry, we let him go in the dry wash behind our house, so no frogs were actually harmed in the making of this post...


Kara said...

OK where are you finding these????? I have never seen one around!!!!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Oh my goodness!! I am freaking out, I am so terrified of frogs! I can't believe you held it together! You go, supermom!

Melissa said...

My little Austin would have sooo scooped up that frog (toad?) and done the very same thing! There is nothing like a little boy!

JenniSue said...

Holy freaking frogs! I thought you lived in the desert...lizards and snakes, not frogs and toads. I totally would have lost it, I'm not a fan of any reptile type creature.

Lance said...

Frog legs taste like chicken. No, seriously. For what it's worth, we've seen an influx of frogs in SL this year too. I haven't seen this many frogs since I was about 10 years old! Maybe it's SIGN!!! ;-)

Vickie said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
What a huge frog!
Taiyo found one once, but apparently the toads around here secrete some mild toxins that keep other animals at bay and cause frothing at the mouth if a cat or dog tries to bite them. Crazy.
If you happen to see in tadpoles, let me know. I'll bring them in for the preschool kids to watch.

Taylor Tree said...


Tilleea said...

Eeewwwie! But pretty cool at the same time.

CntryMomma said...

Sorry, but that looks nasty! Phew, so glad I have girls! haha