Friday, November 7, 2008

I've been tagged - for the first time EVER!!

And I'm actually a little excited! Somehow, I've never been tagged before. Maybe nobody really cared to hear what my answers would be?

Anyhow, here it goes:

8 shows I like to watch

1. The Office
2. Chuck
3. The New Adventures of Old Christine
4. Life
5. Lost (though I can't remember much of what's happened)
6. ER (though, after 14 seasons, I must admit my interest is waning...)
7. Project Runway
8. The Big Bang Theory

8 Restaurants where I like to eat

1. PF Chang's
2. Baja Fresh (black bean and cheese burrito)
3. Red Lobster
4. Nicolina's Italian Kitchen (a little 'mom and pop' restaurant here)
5. Sconecutter (when in Utah...)
6. The Olive Garden
7. Taco Bell
8. Coldstone (yes, I'm counting that)

8 Things that happened today

1. Was awakened by my son sticking a frozen Go-gurt on my face.
2. Shampooed dog poop out of my carpet.
3. Mopped my kitchen floor.
4. Found Thelma had eaten an entire block of cheese she got off the counter.
5. Cleaned up the bag of Tostitos Thelma had also gotten off the counter.
6. Drank waaaay too much Diet Coke.
7. Ate waaay too many pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
8. Spent $62.70 at the grocery store and saved $102.21.

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1. Thanksgiving
2. Christmas
3. Going back to school someday
4. Wearing my 'skinny' clothes again one of these days
5. The kids going to bed tonight
6. The kids going back to school tomorrow
7. Both kids being in school full time
8. Both kids growing up and moving away to college ;)

8 things on my wish list

1. A new floor in my kitchen
2. A hybrid vehicle
3. A weight bench, and a place to put it
4. A house with a basement
5. A functioning garage door
6. A nice grill
7. A jet tub in my bathroom
8. Kids who clean up after themselves

8 people I'm tagging

1. Tilleea A.
2. Jera F.
3. Alisha T.
4. Heather P.
5. Nancy T.
6. Matthew T.
7. Lance P.
8. Shanae A.

I guess the idea is to do it only if you want to, to post the answers on your blog, and then to post back here when it's done. Am I right?

And I'm a little confused. When it's "8 Things..." aren't there usually 8 questions? But that's just me being picky.


Marcus and McKenzie said...

Yes, you are the only Natalie I know,.. at least that I can think Ü
I left cheese on the counter over night, so we threw it away, and Phoebe got it out of the trash and ate it. Dumb dogs.
You guys are coming for Thanksgiving right? That's what g keeps saying. I hope so, we need to see you again. I don't think I've ever said more than a couple of sentences to you in person the whole time I've known you.

Taylor Tree said...

HA! i laughed out loud about you not wanting your kids around. go to sleep, go to school, go to college or work or get married... just get out of my house. that what i imagined at least.
oh, if you don't want to eat anymore of those cookies i'll take them.
sorry charlie. i don't do tags. i try to be funny then i just look stupid then i hate myself and wish i'd never done them etc etc etc. but i enjoyed reading yours. :)

CntryMomma said...

Hmmm ... are the kiddos being a handful lately? I know what you mean ... I'm one day away from the nut house. LOL


Matthew Taylor said...

Nancy's favorite show is The Office, and her favorite place to it is PF Chang's. It's like you guys are sisters or something!