Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A discussion with Zachary

For the past few days my kids have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing video games, and I'm okay with that. School starts up again on Monday, so I'm not really that concerned if they've managed to set a new video game playing record or anything.

But this afternoon while taking a little break, Zachary went out to the garage and saw my stash of cardboard that I'm collecting to take to the recycling drop off. He brought in a few pieces and asked me if he could use it to build a ramp to ride his scooter on. I told him that wouldn't work, he's going to need something sturdier. He went back out and brought in a few more larger pieces and persistently asked again. I explained that once again, it wouldn't work. When he started to defend his idea, I told him:

"Sorry, Honey, that's just not gonna fly."

And he replied in a very exasperated voice,

"Mom, I'm not trying to get it to FLY. I just want to ride my scooter on it!"


M&M said...

I love your boys. They say some funny things!

Erin Noel said...

That is so funny. My kids have been playing with there video games alot more since they have been out of school.

Janice said...

That is great!! Kids have a way to put us in our place. They know what their doing. Its good to have funny moments like that.