Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do I have the word idiot stamped on my forehead?

No? Are you sure?

Look closer, because I should.

My youngest son, Noah, who is 5, is obsessed with these new toys called Bakugan. They're kind of like a cross between Pokemon and Transformers. They start out like a ball, and when you put them on a magnetic game card, they flip open.

Even the adults we've shown Noah's collection to are a little fascinated by how they work.

Noah is always wanting to play on the Bakugan website and likes to see the new Bakugans available on the Toys R Us website.

But the place with the biggest collection of Bakugan to check out is eBay.

It started out innocently enough. We looked up Bakugan on eBay and let Noah browse through all the different varieties available. No big deal, right?


Because one day last week, after Noah and his friend had been playing on the computer together, I managed to squeeze in some time of my own to check my email and saw a message from eBay stating:

"Your eBay bid is confirmed: Bakugan Bakupearl B2 HAOS GREY PREYAS 350g Rare"

Still, I didn't panic because Nate and I had talked about doing most of our Christmas shopping online this year, and we are frequent eBay users. I assumed Nate was doing a little Christmas shopping at work.

The hysteria didn't hit me until I saw the words:

"Your maximum bid: $484.00."


And then I noticed the next email in my inbox said, "You won this item on eBay..."

I instantly opened the email and found that I was indeed the highest bidder. Lucky me.

Fortunately, the auction ended at $6 with free shipping, which isn't too bad, particularly because there are collections of Bakugan and individual rare Bakugans going for HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Had Noah been bidding on one of those items and we had won, I would have completely lost it!

Later, Noah told me there was a cool Bakugan on eBay he'd seen and wanted to know if maybe we could buy it? I didn't bother telling him we already did, thanks to him. I did however, tell him that he's no longer allowed to look at things on eBay because "they charge us money". He kind of gets it, I think.

And we get to check another Christmas gift off our list, right?

Merry Christmas, kiddo.


CntryMomma said...

ROTFL Did you hear me shriek WHAT?! with you!

That's hilarious! Thank goodness it only went for 6 bucks. LOL


Jera Farnsworth said...

Holy Moly! I was totally freaking out for you- whew- $6 is all good. it is scary what kids can do on a computer without knowing it! ScArY!

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

Oh, I totally thought he bought it for $484.00! Wow, thank goodness it was totally cheap. What a nut!

Cindy E said...

OMG, I almost fell out of my chair when I read $484!!!!

Matthew Taylor said...

Never, ever check that box, "Keep me signed in for today." Not with a kid that smart cruising around in your house.

Natalie said...

Yeah, we're slowing figuring these things out...

Lance said...

Holy shnikees! I spit Old Fashioned donut crumbs out my nose. Hilarious.

Kara said...

OK that is too funny Natalie! Think I heard ya hollering from my house haha!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

What would you have done if it was 484?!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

At that point, I think I would have contacted the seller and explained what a moron I am and begged him to do a 'second chance offer' for the next highest bidder!

Tilleea said...

I was almost in tears! Thankfully it turned out okay. I now know what precautions to take with my kids!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh Natalie, I would have died! It is funny though, since it only cost you $6.