Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Sisters One Heart

On Valentine's Day, our family attended the special fund raising event for conjoined twin sisters Emma and Taylor, who share a heart and a liver. These cute girls are part of an awesome family in our neighborhood that we've known for several years. The girls have gone through extensive medical testing to see if they are candidates for separation surgery. A documentary was made about the family for the Discovery Health channel. Check your local listings, it's still being broadcast.

We were excited to be able to participate in this special event that so many people put so much work into, and happy to see such a great turn out!

Our kids enjoyed all the activities, like the rock climbing wall, the bouncers, and the face painting.

And my friend Jill and I ran our first 10K!

There is information on the following websites about the progress of the girls and how you can help:


Erin Noel said...

What a special day. I wanted to go so bad but we were moving.Maybe next time if they do another event.How did you do in the run?

Janice said...

Way to go and help support the Bailey's. I so wanted to be there.
I'm sure it was so much fun.
Looks like you survived the 10K.

Vickie said...

Go you! I didn't even do the fun run, but I did walk over to the pancake breakfast. Does that count?