Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's March Madness! And it has nothing to do with basketball...

There were sign-ups for community youth sports here a few months ago, and after being reassured that the seasons wouldn't overlap, we signed Zachary up for soccer and Noah for t-ball. When asked if he could help coach, Nate made sure it was known that he worked a lot, (Zachary obviously agrees) but, wanting to show he was a supportive, caring father, he let them know that if they absolutely couldn't find anyone else to do it, he'd try to work it in.

So, guess who's the coach for both kids' teams?

Nate coaching Zachary's soccer team, the Vipers

Nate, coach of Noah's team, the Diamondbacks

And yes, they overlap. Sometimes the games themselves even overlap! Nate missed the first part of the t-ball opening ceremony because he was at another park coaching Zachary's soccer game.

As it turns out, Zachary is a pretty good goalie. Here he's wearing some strange black gloves.

Nate's very patient with all the kids and has to keep reminding the parents that the important part is not whether they win or lose, but that the kids learn skills and have fun.

Go figure.

Here's Noah hitting his first ball of his first game.

And running home. (Click on it, you have to see the little grin on his face!)


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Cute pictures. And it usually is the parents that get too competative! That's nice of Nate to coach.

Lance said...

Oh the joys.

I coached a soccer team a couple years back and it was a HOOT! I found that the 'time spent' wasn't as imoprtant and the 'energy spent' in motivating those kids and making them all feel important.

Good on ya, Nate!

Katie J. Layton said...

Way to go Nate! What a great dad. I love the pictures.

Tilleea said...

Man, it looks like March WAS filled with madness, but do you realize that it's APRIL now. You've gone a whole month since you last posted.

I need a good laugh, you always have a funny. Where are you???