Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noah's very last day of preschool!

Noah was soooo excited for his last day of preschool today! He's been talking about it for quite some time. In honor of the special day he wore his favorite green t-shirt, plaid shorts, and 'safari' hat.

There was dancing...

and cupcakes...

and awards.

Mr. Congeniality, huh?

Why am I not the least bit surprised?

We've always known Noah was pretty popular among the 3-5 year age bracket. His teachers have told us about the complex seating arrangement they had to put into play to make sure everyone who wanted to sit next to Noah had the opportunity to do so.

(Apparently it's really cut back on the fighting and tears. Poor kids, don't they realize there's enough of Noah to go around?)

Noah and his teachers

Noah has really enjoyed these past 2 years of preschool. Almost every night before bed he's asked if he has preschool the next day. He constantly talks about the songs they sing, the games they play, and the art projects he's working on. He's even made his older brother wish HE was back in preschool.

Let's hope his enthusiasm for school continues when he starts kindergarten later this year...

Thanks so much, Miss Vickie and Miss Liz! We appreciate all you do!


disabilitydiva said...

he's growing up. What a big milestone! Congrats to you too mom!!

The Frugal Nut said...

I can't believe that he will be in Kindergarten this year. He is such a cute kid. : )

Vickie said...

Yah, Noah's award was a no-brainer. He was so great to have in class. I'll miss having him here. We get first dibs when you need a babysitter :).