Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bounce U

It's hit that time of summer when my kids are bored.

Not just, "Mom there's nothing to do!" bored, but true lethargy that borders on...well, I don't know, maybe depression? They lie around in their pajamas, basking in the glory of the air conditioning. Apathetic, they seem capable only of holding a remote, or a Wii controller, or pushing a computer mouse. I've tried to be motivating by suggesting they go and play outside in the sprinklers, or pull out the Lego blocks, or read books.

I've been met with apathy.

I've tried bribery: "Hey, let's get ready and go to MCDONALD'S!!"

No dice.

We've had friends over to play, and set goals of pages to be read and skills to be learned.

And yet they're STILL drawn to the large light projecting box in our family room like moths to a flame.

How ever did this happen?

When summer first started and the video games became a large part of their daily schedule, I really wasn't that concerned. It's summer, I reasoned with myself. They have the rest of the year to be on a schedule and worry their minds with more educational activities. We balanced it out with a little swimming here and there, and it was all okay. At least I thought it was.

That was a few weeks ago, but now that school's been out since the end up May, and it's hotter outside than, well...everything else in the world, the kids don't seem to want to budge from the family room, namely, from their spots in front of the television. when I complained to Nate that our television sees more of our kids' bright shiny faces than I do, he decided to come up with a plan.

His solution to shake it up a bit and get us all out of this funk? A reservation for Bounce U. Only he wouldn't be accompanying us. The goofball.

The reason we should probably get one of these helmet thingies for Noah to wear at home.

Taken on the car ride home.

I should report that Nate's little plan may have actually worked. The kids are moving around more today, once again speaking in complete sentences, and are currently playing with a dusty LiteBrite I had hidden on a high shelf in the closet.

Oh wait...I may have spoken too soon. I think I hear the sound of the Wii starting up again!

Gotta go!

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MamaBug said...

What a fun excursion! My kids have got that mid/late summer slowness going as well. Heck, I'm bored with what they are doing. :P Hopefully the little camping trip we've got planned will help.