Saturday, September 26, 2009

And so it begins...

Today was the first official soccer game of the season and Nate is the coach once again. Luckily, both of our sons are on the same team this time, so that means fewer games and practices to attend.

I've got to admit, I don't seem to relish my position as a 'soccer mom' as much as some women I know. The last time both boys played, the entire week had to be planned around soccer practices, and Saturdays were far too scheduled for my taste with multiple games.

Plus, there's all that equipment to haul around, the uniforms to constantly wash and keep track of (poor Noah once had to wear a mud-encrusted shirt last season because I forgot to make sure it was laundered the night before. Ooops!), there's the grass and dirt in the car, the water bottles, the orange slices, and the snacks.

Yes, the snacks! For some reason, those a ridiculously big deal.

(See the "snacks" video below. It's hilarious!)

Then, when you get through with all of that, half the time the kids are too tired, too hot, or too bored to even PLAY!

Thankfully, I'm not the type to care who wins or loses, unlike some of those parents, because frankly...

I barely know what's going on.

(Shh...don't tell anyone. It's our little secret, okay?)

No, really. I think I've said it before, but I'm seriously the most unathletic person on earth. In fact, it dawned on me the other day, I've never been part of a real athletic team in my entire life. I've never played soccer or run track or been a part of a softball or basketball team. Ever.

I distinctly remember a gym class in junior high when we were doing a relay where you had to run down, make a basket, and run back, passing the ball off to the next player. Well, I ran down, and shot the ball. And shot again. And again. And again. And pretty soon all the other teams were finished, but I was still there shooting the ball. And shooting it. And still shooting it. And after several minutes of me humiliating myself in front of the entire class, I finally made a basket. And the crowd went wild. Because they were so darn relieved it was over.

It's pretty sad and pathetic, I know. So of course I WANT my kids to play sports. And we all know Nate will demand the kids play sports, even when they don't want to.

Last soccer season, the whole thing was kind of a mess. The schedule was wrong. The promised picture packages and trophies never happened. It was a general disappointment for kids and parents. So when Nate told me he'd been asked to coach again, I groaned, especially since Nate convinced two of our friends to sign up and be on the team too.

Hopefully, this season will be better.

Here's Zachary taking a little break from the game.

And Noah pointing out his games on the schedule.

Does everyone do this? It's the kids' absolute favorite part of the game.


I'll leave you with this favorite video clip of mine from Everybody Loves Raymond about t-ball and "approved snacks".


Raejean said...

You're a better mom than me. I've only done the sports team thing with one of my kids for one year - a very long time ago. I couldn't take the practices and loosing my Saturdays. Nobody else would step up, so I did the team mom thing. I think I'd rather chop off an arm than do that again!

Erin Noel said...

Oh I remember Hunter's first soccer game when the ball came near him he dove on the ground and just laid there hugging the ball really tight, the coaches had to run over and pick him up because the other kids were still trying to kick it. You video was great, it is true the biggest part of youth sports are the snacks!

JulieA said...

LOL, how funny! Yes, sports are hard on the mom, but so worth it for our kids in the long run. Yes, the snack is a BIG deal! Yes to the tunnel at the end of the game. The kids truly think that's the next best thing, after the SNACK. :-D