Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa must think I was very, very good this year...

Perhaps you've questioned where I've been lately.

What?!! You hadn't even noticed I'd been gone??!
Well, I HAVE, okay?

And I'm a little hurt by your lack of concern for my well being and your smart-alecky tone.

Because the lapse in my sarcastic responses to your Facebook updates, the void felt by those online communites I frequent, and the general lack of pictures and stories of my family's awesomeness can be attributed to the fact that our old computer finally kicked the bucket.

Apparently I really excel at downloading things I shouldn't, by accident, of course. And someone out there thinks that when I watch online tutorials of card making techniques or the proper way to tie a scarf on YouTube that I might really enjoy having my computer showered with skanky photos and pop ups of anti-virus software.

So we had a trusty friend work on it.

Trust me, he HAD to be a "trusty" friend in order for me to even let him gaze upon my computer considering some of the crazy photos of me contained within.

Am I the only person who keeps those pictures of myself looking particularly chunky just in case I ever want to use them as BEFORE photos in a future issue of Weight Watchers magazine or something?

Huh? Am I?

*heavy sigh*

Anyhow, while this friend was transferring all our files and junk, the old motherboard gave up the ghost, and the verdict came back that the old 'puter was beyond repair, at least at a reasonable cost.

And the kids cried.

Seriously. Noah was on the floor curled up in a ball sobbing on his second day without

And me? Well, since I'd already been through the 12 step program for overcoming internet addiction a few months before due to a previous virus, I was okay.

Sort of.

It's funny to realize just how dependent I've become on my computer though.

I mean, I admit that on a typical day I'm normally on my computer quite a bit.

I've gotta check my email a few times, update my status over on Facebook (because everyone I know cares so much about what I'm doing right that second, right?), chat with my girls over at SplitcoastStampers and SparkPeople a little, print out that recipe for Turkey Pot Pie over at for the millionth time since I can never seem to locate the copy I printed out the time before, pay a few bills, print out a lesson, upload some photos from my camera, read a little celebrity gossip, look up the answer to whatever random question Zachary throws my way that day, check out the grocery ads, look up someone's address, log the miles I ran, read a few blogs, place another Stampin' Up! order, renew the library books because I still can't find one of them, calculate the calories I ate when I'm being good, order a pizza when I'm not...

I mean, it's practically a full time job, you know.

*cough, cough*

And to take all that away just like that is just plain cruel and unusual punishment for anyone.

Like, what am I gonna do now with my spare time?

Clean my house? Cook meals? Do LAUNDRY?!

As if.

I've found that the first day or so without a computer is the hardest. There's a panicky feeling that comes from being cut off from the rest of the world like that. It takes some time, but you slowly get used to the idea that you can't look up dinner ideas at random anymore so you need to plan ahead a little better. Eventually it dawns on you that maybe Farkle and Scramble really were a waste of your precious time, that you really don't get enough important emails to be checking it as frequently as your used to, and that you really can manage without a computer for a while, as long as you remember to pick up some stamps to pay those bills.

But, since we'd already decided that once our computer bit the dust our next computer would be a laptop, and this is the season to save on electronics, Santa visited our house a little early this year...

and a shiny, new glorious laptop it is!
Thank you, Santa! I believe in you!


JulieA said...

Yes, thank you, Santa! I'm so glad that you made it possible for us to keep in touch again with our wonderful friend Natalie!

Raejean said...

I'm glad Santa agreed with me that you've been good this year! I can't stand it when the internet is down for a few hours - how did you survive computer free?

Sarah said...

When we moved to our present house we were without internet for five weeks. FIVE! I thought I was going to die. :) In all actuality I was rather shocked how much I depended on and used the computer. I didn't realize it until I was without. It's kind of scary, isn't it?
BTW....your new laptop is very pretty!

JenniSue said...

I would curl up and sob on the floor without your blog to look forward to Natalie. It makes me smile, I even go read old blogs when there isn't anything new when I need a laugh. Makes me feel like you don't live so far away.

Lance said...

Seriously, I had to go through the 12-step program to learn how to do without your blog and now you THROW me RIGHT off the wagon head-first.

Thanks. A lot.

MamaBug said...

I can so totally relate to that panicky feeling of having the internet crash. It would be even worse to not have the computer not work at all. So very glad you are back. :)

PS...I love your "Click on Older Posts" button. Where did you get it?