Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Christmas images from our house...

My friend Raejean mentioned that last year she'd made a scrapbook layout called "The Images of Christmas", and that this year she hoped to get pictures of the ornaments and decorations she has and type up the stories of each of them.

I totally love that idea, so I'm going to copy it and share some of the things we hang on our tree each year.

These are some of the oldest ornaments I own. My mother went through some kind of crazy cross stitching kick and made a ton of these with various themes for each of my sisters and me. This particular ornament is dated 1989 aand there are others dating as far as 1985.

When we first got married and were starting from scratch our first Christmas, I looked through a lot of magazines like Good Housekeeping and Family Circle for ideas of ornaments and decorations I could make without spending a lot of money. I always assumed that later I'd be able to have a more elaborate, glamourous looking tree a few years down that road.

These 'punched tin stars' were some of the first ornaments I made. It involved tracing and cutting out stars from sheets of aluminum flashing I picked up from Home Depot. I spent hours punching the edges of these with a hammer and nail. The funny thing was, I think I ended up spending more money buying the supplies to make these than I would have spent buying some good quality ornaments.

Oh well, live and learn.

And it turns out they're not exactly child friendly. They're actually quite sharp, and the kids love tossing them across the room like Chinese throwing stars. It may be time to retire the things before somebody loses an eye around here.

These fabric yo-yo's were another project of mine. I promise, they look better in real life, although they SCREAM '1996 craft project' like nothing else. I think this is when I (and every other 90's crafter out there) truly discovered the many uses of raffia.

As long as your little ones can't chew through raffia fibers to ingest the jingle bells, these are totally kid friendly and make a pleasant tinking sound for all to hear. :) Plus, everytime someone shakes them, an angel gets it's wings!

Here's another version, extra heavy on the raffia:

I love the look of strung popcorn with cranberries, but didn't want the mess of the cranberries themselves, so years back when I found some bright red wooden beads that looked like berries in a dollar store, I thought I'd hit the jackpot! The beads were a little too fire engine red for my taste, so I layed them out on layers of newspaper and spray painted them a dark cranberry color. For years I had strings of popcorn with these beads on my tree and people who saw our tree often commented how pretty they were. The stringing of all that popcorn is a little labor intensive, so one year I carefully packed them in ziptop bags and discovered they could be reused for several years in a row. Sneaky, huh?

Here's a tip though, don't hang popcorn if your kids or critters are apt to eat it.

When I was growing up, I remember we strung popcorn a few of the years. One year we couldn't figure out why the strands seemed to be falling down so much and just where the popcorn was disappearing to. I finally figured it out when I walked in to see the little poodle we had at the time contentedly munching on the side of the tree.

So, just for review, dogs, probably cats, and possible very hungry children and popcorn strands do not mix. This is why we're laying off the popcorn on the tree for a while, but I miss it.

Back before I had kids, I was a little concerned about what I was going to do when my children started bringing home those delightful ornaments they crafted at school because I didn't think they would, um...mesh well with the elegant tree I envisioned having someday.

I know some people solve that by having a kids' tree and then another tree that's more for show, and if that's how you do it, more power to you. As it turns out that my kid's ornaments are some of my favorite parts of our tree because they help tell our family story.

These are some paper gingerbread men that Zachary made a few years back. I wish I'd written the year on them...I'm guessing he was in Kindergarten, but I'm not sure. He still enjoys putting them on the tree each year and I love seeing them.

Gotta love the beads and the googly eyes, right?

An ornament Noah is quite proud of and appears to be made from sparkly Moon Sand.

This is the ornament we picked up the year we took the kids to Disneyland, which can be read about HERE.

I really like finding ornaments that go along with trips we've taken and special things we've done during the year. That's why this is one of this year's new ornaments. It's supposed to represent our recent trip to San Diego.

I bought this ornament last year just because I liked it. My dad has always had a motorcycle as far back as I can remember, and when we were kids he used to take us on motorcycle rides around the neighborhood while we wore a giant, bulbous, orange helmet.

This is a new ornament this year that I liked because it's a sparkly cookie and happens to coordinate with the dark red color I like to use on our tree.. I'd make real cookies, but once again, we have a giant beastly dog that eats everything she finds and would have no problem knocking down an entire tree to get a snack.

An ornament from the year we bought our first house.

Here's one of the ornaments from Zach's first Christmas.

And another someone gave us.

And from Noah's first Christmas. (Poor kid will forever be saddled with the unfortunate problem of receiving Noah's Ark related junk for the rest of his life!)

And a token from the Thomas years...

And I bought this because it makes me think of Nate.

This is from last year when we got Thelma.

This is an ornament I stamped in an attempt to be crafty.

And maybe I'm crazy, but I love these cheap plastic icicles I picked up at the grocery store one year. They totally remind me of the elegant glass icicles my friend had on her flocked tree when I was really young.

This was something they passed out in Relief Society something like 10 years ago and I just liked how homey and crafty it was.

Some glass hearts I bought from Oriental Trading Company. I bought a few dozen of these but they're dwinding every year.

The rest of tree is filled in with lots of dark red and gold balls and stars and other random things I've picked up over the years.

And lastly, this is what Thelma did while I took pictures and typed up this post, and later, she actually moved to her bed in front of the tree.

It's a Christmas miracle!!


Raejean said...

I'm glad you liked the idea! You have some really great ornaments and I love the stories. Knowing me, I'll take more pictures as I take the decorations down for the year.

Matthew Taylor said...

Thelma's ornament is my favorite.

M&m said...

That's a great idea. It lets us see your tree when we can't. Thanks. Marcus said that you guys (well, at least Nate... He didn't know if you and the boys were coming too...) were coming to Mesquite, but in true Kennedy fashion, that's all he could tell me. When is he/you guys coming to Mesquite?

MamaBug said...

What a fabulous post! I loved getting a little glimpse of your history. :)