Saturday, December 12, 2009

Um. Wow. What's in YOUR wallet?

I was trying to figure out the balance left on a gift card I found in my wallet and realized there were quite a few other gift cards and merchandise credits in there as well.

$329.66 worth, in fact.


Yes, seriously.

And that doesn't even count the IKEA card pictured, because they were no help whatsoever in finding the balance.

Is it any wonder that stores are pushing gift cards and merchandise credit like crazy? I think they're totally counting on dorks like me who misplace and forget about these things.

Well, see you later.

I'm going SHOPPING!!


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I'm jealous

Matthew Taylor said...

In fact Natalie, you're right about your assumption. Companies count on the consumer not using their gift cards.

My favorite fact, a whopping $5 billion of the money spent on gift cards this year won't get used.