Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zach's gingerbread house

Zach wanted to make sure our blog contained a photo of the gingerbread house he made at school yesterday. Impressive, isn't it?

These aren't just pieces of drugstore candy plopped willy nilly onto graham crackers and globs of Betty Crocker frosting. These are carefully plotted confections arranged to convey his conception of the ideal winter wonderland.

That's not merely a Tootsie Roll standing on it's end, it's the leftover stump of a tree chopped down to provide the cottage with much needed fire wood. And the Skittles and sprinkles in front of the door? That's actually a charming cobblestone path beckoning one and all to enter the adorned chalet to join in the Yuletide festivities.

In fact, it reminds me of the beloved creation we made together last year.

He definitely gets his artistic vision from my side of the family.


Beth said...

Hmm, "artist vision from my side of the family." Is that suppose to be a compliment or insult? Not sure how to take that. Are we Chadwicks creative or tacky?

Natalie said...

Both. Definitely both.