Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Sisters One Heart

On Valentine's Day, our family attended the special fund raising event for conjoined twin sisters Emma and Taylor, who share a heart and a liver. These cute girls are part of an awesome family in our neighborhood that we've known for several years. The girls have gone through extensive medical testing to see if they are candidates for separation surgery. A documentary was made about the family for the Discovery Health channel. Check your local listings, it's still being broadcast.

We were excited to be able to participate in this special event that so many people put so much work into, and happy to see such a great turn out!

Our kids enjoyed all the activities, like the rock climbing wall, the bouncers, and the face painting.

And my friend Jill and I ran our first 10K!

There is information on the following websites about the progress of the girls and how you can help:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day goodies

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Valentine's Day? It's crazy, and I don't know why, because I don't consider myself a sappy person at all, but there's just something about Valentine's Day. Nate scoffs and says it's just a holiday created by Hallmark to sell a bunch of cards and junk.

But I really do LOVE all that pink and red stuff, and the heart shaped sugar cookies, and the red foiled chocolates, and the bags of pretty colored M&M's...

I've always held onto the hope of a romantic Valentine's Day, but it's never really happened that way.

One of the most memorable Valentine's Days for me happened the first year Nate and I were married. A new hotel had just opened in Mesquite, and Nate's uncle had some connections there, so I secretly asked him to book us a room for Valentine's Day. Nate worked a long shift that day, and I stayed home planning my surprise. I worked all day making a nice dinner, wrapped some romantic gifts, including some silk boxer shorts with hearts for Nate, and a little something sexy for myself to wear, and got the hotel key early to decorate the room with balloons, candles, flowers, chocolates, and hearts galore.

When Nate's shift finally got over, I picked him up and blindfolded him, telling him I had a little surprise trip planned. I drove the poor, tired guy all over Mesquite until he had no idea where we were, and then carefully led him up to our room.

He was surprised and somewhat disoriented. We ate our dinner by candlelight, snuggled a little while Nate caught up on the sports scores for the day (yeah, you read that right) and then...

Nate fell asleep.

The end.

Did I mention that it was a reeaaaallly long shift?


And yet, I still have faith in Valentine's Day, which is one of the reasons I try to make cute valentines for my kids to take to school every year. I know they'll get ripped to shreds and eventually thrown away, but I have fun making them just the same.

This year, the plan was to make these little mini shovels with candy. I ordered a whole mess of them off ebay so I'd have enough for Noah's preschool class, Zachary's class, and my Primary kids, but only a few of them arrived. I finally contacted the seller and it turns out they lost the rest of my order.


These were one of the easiest projects I've made to date. I printed out the sentiment on address labels, which I stamped and stuck on a strip of cardstock. The candy is in a mini cello bag and just tied on with ribbon.

I got the idea after seeing them here.

So, since I didn't have enough mini shovels to make treats for Zachary's entire class, I moved onto Plan B, or what is known in the paper crafting world as 'sour cream containers'. (There is no actual sour cream used in the making of these, they're just called that for their funny shape, see?)

I needed to find something easy to make en masse, so I decided to try my hand at these. It's basically a 4 1/2" by 5 1/2" sheet of paper glued or taped to make a tube, filled with M&M's, and then glued and crimped on the ends.

I made 30 of them and I think it will be the last I'll ever make. They're kind of a pain, especially if you're crimping impaired like I am.

And, because I'm just plain crazy, I'd also volunteered to make treats for Zachary's Valentine's Day party at school.

Here is Noah helping me make 3 dozen cupcakes this morning. He always insists on being right in the middle of everything, and me being a bit of a germaphobe, it drives me nuts. I made him wash his hands several times because he kept licking them. And I'm not joking when I say he sneezes into EVERYTHING he ever tries to help me make - cookies, zucchini bread, cinnamon rolls, cheeseballs, you name it. Today, he sneezed into the paper muffin cups before I filled them, so those went into the trash before I even started while I yelled at him for the umpteenth time about turning his head and covering his mouth when he sneezes.

(Rest assured though, if you ever get something baked from me, it means it was NOT sneezed on by Noah. I don't let it outside my kitchen if it was. Come to think of it, he's probably figured that out. Maybe this is just his way of ensuring I don't give away all the goodies?)

Yet, despite my germaphobe tendencies, I let my kids lick the spoons and bowls when we're finished and yes, I DO know there's a risk of salmonella poisoning from raw eggs.

Go ahead. Report me. I dare you.

Here's the finished product ready for the party, and not a minute too soon. I rushed to the school to drop them off, but an aide delivered them because they wouldn't let me go into the classroom with my younger son.

Later, after the party when I picked Zachary up from school, he wondered why I hadn't brought a treat to his class like I'd said I would.


Oh, and when I asked if he'd had enough valentines for his class, he said he was short. Then he thought about it for a minute, and said, "Hey, was I NOT supposed to put one in my own bag?"

Uh...no. No, you weren't.


Friday, February 6, 2009

I was tagged over on Facebook and decided to post my list here as well...

  1. I've been tagged 14 times in the past 2 weeks, so I guess it's my turn.
  2. I only allow black pens in my house. If it's blue or some other crazy color, I toss it.
  3. I have a pretty crummy memory, but I can still remember the roll call from my First Grade class:
    Matt, Chad, David, Kent, Ian, Phillip, Jody, Steven, John, Tonya, Kathy, Natalie, Heidi, Julie, Chari, Kirstin, Marcy, Sarah, Amy, and Debbie
  4. I know so little about sports, it's ridiculous. And ironic, since my husband is absolutely obsessed with all sports. It's his dream to become a sports broadcaster, and I knew that when I married him.
  5. Nate and I lived together for a few weeks before we got married - along with his mother, his step father and his 9 little brothers and sisters.
  6. After living in Mesquite, NV for the first two years of our marriage, I told my husband I was moving, and he was welcome to come with me. Either way, I was outta there.
  7. I once worked in a gun store making bullets. I melted lead and poured it into the machine that made the slugs, and then ran the machine that lubed the slugs. I later got tested for lead poisoning when I read that one of the symptoms was irritability.
  8. After living where it's hot for the past 15 or so years, I'm officially a cold weather wuss.
  9. I come from a family of 4 girls and so far, we all have ALL BOYS.
  10. I wore contacts for 20 years before having LASIK, which was some of the best money I ever spent.
  11. I don't take my boys out in public by myself very often. (see #12 and #13)
  12. I was once pantsed by my son in Target. He was 3 at the time. Apparently, that's what I got for wearing sweats in public.
  13. I'm 90 percent sure it was my boys who set off the fire alarm at the public library last summer.
  14. I have a problem with finishing things.
  15. I'm the only person on earth who didn't enjoy the book Twilight and didn't finish reading it. (see #14)
  16. I've read 6 1/2 of the Harry Potter books and didn't see what all the hype was about. I checked the 7th out from the library and started it several times, but never really got into it. (see #14) If they let me back in the library (see #13), I may try it again.
  17. In a high school weight training class, I squatted 315 lbs. Apparently these thunder thighs are good for something.
  18. If I could have someone do my hair every day, I would. It's just not a skill of mine and I'm tired of trying.
  19. I didn't kiss a single boy in high school. (maybe due to #17?)
  20. I never missed a day of school because I was sick, which doesn't necessarily mean I was never sick, it means my parents were obsessed with perfect attendance. (see #21)
  21. I make sure my kids stay home if they're sick.
  22. I have two of the funniest, wildest, craziest boys around. It's changed my life and forced me to lighten up quite a bit.
  23. I met my husband on my mission. There, I admitted it. When I first saw him at a zone meeting, he looked so familiar I walked over and asked him where I knew him from.
  24. I haven't seen my husband in a suit since his mission. (see #23) He wore khakis on our wedding day, and I wore a casual white dress.
  25. I love my husband. He's also changed my life and forced me to lighten up quite a bit.
I probably could have written another 25, but that might have been a little too self indulgent, right?