Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because it may never happen again...

It's embarrassing, but I've been a nail biter off and on my whole life.

It's totally gross, I know.

As a child my parents used to bribe my sisters and I to grow out our nails by having 'fingernail growing contests'. I actually won a contest once and got to go out for a bubblegum milkshake with my dad at Snelgrove's.

Sometimes I bite my nails so short they hurt and bleed, and sometimes I can grow them out, no problem. I can't really explain why I bite or don't bite my nails during any given period of time. But when I do grow them out, I'm always amazed that they still look okay after all my years of abuse.

Seriously, they look decent, right? Almost like an ad for "Active Length Lee Press On Nails", huh?


You're not familiar with Lee Press On Nails?!

Let me refresh your memory, or school you in some 80's pop culture in case you're too young to remember.

Here's an ad for the version of Lee Press On Nails targeted to teens, (or tweens, I can't really tell, the girls look pretty young to me,) which is why the sexual undertones are a little bizarre:

If my dad lived closer, I'd probably call him up and invite him out for a milkshake right now.

My treat!


the wife said...

they look so good they could be fake.

Beth said...

I think Mom and Dad gave me a Strawberry Short Cake wading swimming pool for not biting my nails. I think that was a better deal than the bubblegum milkshake!

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

What? Are you guys serious? Mom and Dad just gave me that nasty thumb sucking stuff and told me to stop biting my nails. I didn't get any milkshakes, or swimming pools! : ( I guess they decided none of those things work for you guys, so they wouldn't even try with me.

MamaBug said...

They look loverly! I still struggle with biting mine too. I totally remember those ads.

Beth said...

I think Mom and Dad were planning on getting the pool anyway, but decided to make us work for it. I still remember them telling me the pool was to be shared with all the sisters. You probably got the yucky thumb sucking stuff because you were still sucking your thumb.

FRYER FAM said...

your nails look great! & i must say that you have lovely hands. i have cut a finger off & broken 2 so if i could choose i would always wear gloves to keep them hidden. jordan likes to bite his nails now & then too. what for?