Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost famous

Nate and I decided to try out this Greek restaurant in our neighborhood we'd heard about the other day, and while sitting there waiting for our food, I noticed something on the wall. 

I got up to get a closer look and realized it was a plaque with the soccer team the boys had been on and Nate had coached last year, the Thunderboltz!  We'd forgotten that this restaurant, Greek Islands Grill, had sponsored the team!  We were so surprised to see the picture up on the wall and knew the boys would be too, so we went back later to get Thrifty ice creams cones (which the restaurant also serves) and show it to them.  Here the boys are enjoying their cones with the team picture hanging between them.

We'd talked to the owner earlier that day, and he recognized us again that night and ended up giving us the ice cream cones for free! 

(Turns out being local celebrities has its perks.)

Thanks again, Greek Islands Grill!


Raejean said...

If I get your autograph, can I get free ice cream too?

M&m said...

Awesome! Those ice cream cones look really good.

JulieA said...

How fun! I bet the boys loved it. Great pic!

Vickie said...

What a slice of nice for you all. So if I go there and mention your name, would I get a discount? ;)

Did you like the food?