Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy pictures

Growing up, my family didn't take a lot of pictures. 
It wasn't uncommon to have more than one Christmas on the same roll of film.

I'm glad we don't have that problem. 

Really glad.

And now we take pictures just for fun.

How awesome is this?  It's like Noah is suspended in the air!


JenniSue said...

I love pictures too! Poor Brooklyn is sick of me taking pictures of her. I love your "Happy Pictures", it looks like you, Noah and Thelma had fun!

The Crazy Cat Lady said...

So is that the reason why I took over 1800 pictures in Japan?

Nate Kennedy said...

Hopefully 15 years from now I see him suspended in air making a shot to win the national championship on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

the wife said...

lol nate!! of-course that's what you would think of.

first off you look SO GOOD in these pics natalie!
secondly off any picture with noah in it is cool.