Monday, August 9, 2010

When 'teaching responsiblity' bites you in the butt...

 The other day I walked into the kitchen to find this:

What exactly is going on here?  Our dog, Thelma, is eating dirt covered popcorn kernels off my kitchen floor.

And just how did that come to be?

I'll tell you!

Noah made himself some popcorn, (he's so independent, that kid), even remembering to dispose of the bag in the trash can without being told.  (See the evidence?) After spilling a good portion of the popcorn on the family room floor, I asked him to clean it up.

And he did.  He even  independently operated the vacuum cleaner.

And after vacuuming up the popcorn, he decided it would be helpful to empty the canister of the vacuum cleaner into the already overflowing trashcan, popcorn, dirt, dog hair and all.

And this is how he left it.

So Thelma was pleased.

And I just keep on counting down the days until school starts...


Raejean said...

Sometimes it's hard to give kids points for trying!

Tilleea said...

well, you KNOW you're doing something right since not only does he know how to vacuum, but he knows how to empty it too.