Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noah's 8th birthday!

Can you believe this cute little kid is now 8?!  I know!  Crazy, right?

Zach gave Noah this giant tub of cheese balls, which Noah adored.  Is that brotherly love or what?

Happy Birthday, Noah!  We love you!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In case you were wondering...

Thelma had another check up today and has made a complete recovery.  

(Plus she's down several pounds, which in her case is a good thing.)

As a reward for being so good during her appointment, we walked her over to the adoption center in PetSmart and let her drool over the cats.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The $450 bag of chocolate chips...

A few weeks ago in church, one of the men brought cookies to share - yummy cookies that Nate came home and gushed about.

(And Nate's not even a 'cookie person', so that's really saying something.)

Cookies with Andes' mints melted on top, he told me.

Cookies so rich and so chocolatey, in fact, he wouldn't stop talking about them until I promised I'd get the recipe.

So I Googled it.

And HERE it is.

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

And they were truly amazing!

Amazing enough that I considered keeping the recipe all to myself so that only I would know how to replicate their delicate goodness and other people would think I'm the *ultimate cookie baker*.

And then I felt guilty for my selfishness, because something that awesome needs to be shared.

So, naturally I posted it on Facebook, because that's what you do when you want to get the word out to 247 of your closest friends.

And when Nate and I went to Costco the other day I tossed a $10 4-pound bag of semi-sweet Nestle Morsels into our cart without batting an eye so I could make many, many more of these delightful cookies.

So, yesterday morning when I heard the familiar crinkling sound of a plastic bag from the other room, a sound fairly common around here thanks to a faulty door latch on our pantry, I really wasn't surprised to walk in and find Thelma with something.  She does it often, but she usually can't open bags and brings them to me hoping I'll help her out.

Silly dog.

However I was surprised yesterday to see it was the large bag of chocolate chips I'd just bought and that not only had she managed to open the bag, she was gleefully inhaling the contents.

My first thought:

'NO!!!!!! That crazy dog's defiling my chocolate!!'

(and then my second thought)

'Wait, isn't chocolate supposed to be poisonous to dogs?'

And so I Googled that. And turns out it is. Especially really large amounts of semi-sweet chocolate that come out of 4-pound bags.

Trying to get a good idea of just how much chocolate the Beast had inhaled, I weighed the remainder of the bag on my kitchen scale and realized there were only 3 pounds left.

In a matter of minutes, 'man's best friend' had snarfed down a pound of 'woman's best friend'.

And Thelma had the biggest grin on her face to prove it.

So I called the vet who instructed me to haul my chocolate gobbling dog into her office right away.

Chocolate has this chemical called theobromine that increases the heart rate and can lead to seizures, coma, and death. The darker the chocolate, the higher the level of theobromine.

Because of her little chocolate buffet, Thelma had to spend 8 hours at the pet hospital guzzling a hydrogen peroxide solution to induce massive vomiting, and later charcoal, to absorb leftover toxins. She also had her heart rate and liver monitored, and was hooked up to an IV.

When she finally got home, drained and exhausted, she guzzled some water and promptly barfed up inky black solution in several places on the carpet and tile.

She awoke at 4:00 this morning vomiting in her crate, this time tinged with blood. I cleaned it up and laid a towel down for her to lie on, and Nate said a prayer for her while I cried.

Before long, she perked up, headed downstairs and stood in front of her bowl, begging for food. (That's the Thelma we know and love.)

Another check up at the vet this morning, and she's doing much better. Her heart rate is normal but she's on a medication for a few days to help her stomach heal.

And the bill?


(And that's because she has the health benefit plan, otherwise it would be more.)

Moral of the story? Learn from my mistake. If you have a pet, treat chocolate like you would a cleaning solution or prescription and keep it up and out of reach. If you have a giant dog, that might mean putting it on a top shelf.

I also spent the morning learning how to make the latch on my pantry door close properly by sanding the strike plate with my Dremel, thanks to YouTube.

And Thelma?

Rumor has it she's officially sworn off chocolate.

The First Day of School

After a relatively short summer, it's time for the kids to head back to school!

 Noah was obviously super stoked. 
In our anticipation of the first day we may have gotten to the bus stop a little too early.

Okay, A LOT too early.

Even Thelma was over the moon.

When the kids got home they couldn't stop talking over each other about how great the new school is and how excited they are about their new classes.  Zach loves that there's a tech lab and Noah can't wait for some of the class parties he's going to have.

Here's to an incredible year!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A visit from the 'Hair Fairy'...

Like half the boys in America right now, Zach's been growing out his lustrous locks for a while.

(Thanks a lot, Justin Bieber.)

Little old ladies the world over are insanely jealous.  It usually takes a set of hot rollers, some serious backcombing, and at least one can of AquaNet to create this kind of body.

All he had to do was go to bed with wet hair.

(I promise, mere photos cannot convey the size of his giant head right now.)

You know, something about this look is really familiar though, I'm pretty sure I've seen it some place before...

A ha!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warning: The following post contains violent and graphic images.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Yeah, we realize it may be time to lay off the nature shows around here for a while.

Valentine's Day 2011

I've said it here before, but for some reason I really love Valentine's Day.  And I heard a rumor this might be Zach's last year to exchange valentines in school.

(Sniff sniff).

The heart says, "Valentine, I think you're KOOL."  

Normally I'm not a fan of intentional misspelling, but this year I made an exception.

These suckers were heavy and had to be hauled into the classroom in a laundry basket.

Noah wanted to pass out these airplanes to his class.

Just 64 Lifesavers, 64 sticks of gum, 32 Smarties, and 32 rubber bands later, they were done.


I showed the kids in Zach's class how to make these owl bookmarks during their class party.  They thought they were great, and it was actually nice to realize there are kids who have a harder time following directions  than my own children:

Me:  "Okay, first take your brown owl body out of the baggie I gave you and put it on your desk.  We're not gluing yet, okay?  Then take the yellow chest piece and put it ON the brown body, but DON'T glue it just yet.  We want to lay it all out FIRST before we glue anything to make sure we know what we're doing.  Got it?  Lay it out first..."
Random kid:  "Hey, I glued mine wrong.  Can I have another?"
Me: (Slapping my own forehead) "Sheesh."
Thelma decided to get in on the spirit of the holiday by taking a nap in the sunshine while lying on a chalk drawing on the back patio.  When she came inside it took me a minute to figure out why she was Pepto Bismol pink!

(The photo doesn't do her bright pink hue justice because it was quite hysterical.)

We hope your Valentine's Day was happy!  Thanks to the box of See's chocolates and dinner from Oregano's that Nate brought home, ours was!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I may just be losing it.

After forgetting my son's dentist appointment last week and showing up for the newly scheduled appointment a week early this time around, THIS is how I left the house today to go on a run.

The shoe on the left is one of my normal running shoes and the shoe on the right was a Christmas gift from 2003 that's completely falling apart.

AND it took nearly two miles before I looked down and even noticed.

I'll bet you're feeling a lot better about yourself right now, aren't you?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Move over meatballs,

 Noah has a new favorite food...


And we're just as stumped about it as you are. For years, this child has had a thing for meatballs.

An obsession, really.

And perhaps you haven't heard, but this kid is picky.  How many children do you know that refuse to drink chocolate milk, despise having jam on their peanut butter sandwiches, and also pick the breading off their own chicken nuggets?

And yet, he enjoys FISH.  And broccoli.  In fact, earlier this week it was Tilapia Tuesday at our house (per his request), and since I wasn't home for dinner, Nate sent me this photo of Noah enjoying his favorite meal.

So I realize I must be doing something right...


But then, it could just be that Noah is truly an old soul stuck in a 7 year old body, because for a while, he really had a thing for bran flakes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curse you, Lay's Sour Cream & Onion potato chips...

Curse you.

Curse you and your delicious, addicting crispiness that delicately melts in my mouth and eventually clutches with a death grip to my thighs.

Curse you and your irresistible pick up line: "No one can eat just one." 

Because you're right...

and you know it.

Just like I know it.

The groaning scale in my bathroom knows it.

The discarded jeans I can no longer fit into know it.

You're so dangerous, I should have left you sitting there on the grocery store shelf when I first laid eyes on you and just walked away.

I knew better, because you didn't need me, and I definitely didn't need you.

And yet, you lured me in.  I didn't even put up a fight.

I'd just hoped we could have a normal relationship like other people do, but obviously, we can't...we can't, because I just can't control myself around you.

I wish I could say 'it's not you, it's me' and really mean it, but we both know that's not true.  It definitely is you.

You're such a fake.  So you're made out of potatoes - that doesn't make you a vegetable.  You can pretend all you want, but that sickening feeling I'm left with in the pit of my stomach when we've been's obvious you're no good for me.  You're not good for anyone.

I think it's best if we just part ways forever.  Don't come looking for me because I don't want to see your festive green bag around here ever again.

You got that?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My first ever Half Marathon!

Today I ran the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona half marathon.

I didn't tell many people about it beforehand because I was afraid I might chicken out at the last minute and my training got sidetracked just a little (okay...A LOT).  

Plus, I was a little worried I might end the race in a medical tent.

But, here's the proof that I actually finished and didn't die in the process.

And if anyone deserved a medal, it was my husband for coordinating the transportation, helping me locate the proper gear, and hauling two kids on and off the metro in downtown Phoenix and Tempe for hours to be there at the start and finish line!

Thanks, Sweetie!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone.  Doesn't '2011' just look and sound strange?

So, it's time for yet another year-end running post. 

In 2010, I managed to once again run 50 miles each month of the year, for total of:

614.91 miles!

And, when added to last year's 628.31 miles,
that means in the past two years
I've clocked a grand total of

1233.22 miles!

Yay me.

(Not bad for someone who was too chicken to try out for the track team, am I right?)