Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone.  Doesn't '2011' just look and sound strange?

So, it's time for yet another year-end running post. 

In 2010, I managed to once again run 50 miles each month of the year, for total of:

614.91 miles!

And, when added to last year's 628.31 miles,
that means in the past two years
I've clocked a grand total of

1233.22 miles!

Yay me.

(Not bad for someone who was too chicken to try out for the track team, am I right?)


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

You amaze me! And love the family pics in front of the tree. So cute!

Raejean said...

I keep telling you, "You're awesome!"

MamaBug said...

You are nothing short of amazing!!

Peggy said...

whooo! that is awesome! where is your other blog??? I can't find it.

Sarah said...

Dang! That is super impressive...way to go!

Rachelle and sometimes Katelyn said...

Congratulations!! You are my idol!!
Did you ever go to see that Endocrinologist I emailed you about?

Lance said...

Impressive, woman!