Thursday, February 3, 2011

Move over meatballs,

 Noah has a new favorite food...


And we're just as stumped about it as you are. For years, this child has had a thing for meatballs.

An obsession, really.

And perhaps you haven't heard, but this kid is picky.  How many children do you know that refuse to drink chocolate milk, despise having jam on their peanut butter sandwiches, and also pick the breading off their own chicken nuggets?

And yet, he enjoys FISH.  And broccoli.  In fact, earlier this week it was Tilapia Tuesday at our house (per his request), and since I wasn't home for dinner, Nate sent me this photo of Noah enjoying his favorite meal.

So I realize I must be doing something right...


But then, it could just be that Noah is truly an old soul stuck in a 7 year old body, because for a while, he really had a thing for bran flakes.


Todd said...

Nate was right you are a good writer. I always laugh out loud reading your clever blog.

Natalie said...
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